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Halloween 2020 Gallery 🎃

Washington Square park on Halloween

Happy Halloween! I hope that everyone had a safe time on Saturday and practiced social distancing <3 Remember that, not going to a party is potentially saving someone's life ;) For Halloween, my bestie came over for a sleepover and we went over to Washington Square Park for a bit to chill and take some cute pics. Then we ended the night by eating Halloween cupcakes and watching John Mulaney on Saturday Night Live. My definition of a perfect Saturday night!

Here is my Halloween 2020 Gallery. I dressed up as Lady Bird from the movie Lady Bird with the amazing Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet. Enjoy and remember tomorrow is Election Day. So if you are over 18 you better VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Don't we look like twins ;) !!

Lady Bird on the left, with her best friend Julie beside her

My friend was a cat for Halloween, and if I remember correctly, Lady Bird had a cat in the movie lol 😽

We ate some bomb Mac n' cheese at a restaurant called S'mac in the Village.

Lady Bird's love interest in the movie is Kyle, who is played by Timothée Chalamet. I guess we both have that in common 💘💘💘

Just a normal day at Catholic school with Lady Bird and Kyle :)

And that is a wrap ! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, wore some cute masks and took time to bask in the autumn joy. Until next week.


Lady Bird 💘

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