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A Summer Wave, Hello!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

A photo I took a little while ago in the UES!

Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since I last posted and I have missed the feeling of typing up a blog post dearly.

The summer is when schedules go out the window for me since school is no longer in session, and there is generally much more flexibility. Unfortunately, these last few Mondays have done just that, slipping by me like the sweat on my forehead during the (rare) hot days in New York.

While I have not been doing a ton of writing for this blog, I have published a few articles elsewhere! To start on an extremely high note, I won week one of the New York Time's Summer Reading Contest! Over 528 entries from students were submitted, but my piece premiered live on the Times' website. I wrote about the new trend of "unconventional" baby names and how it brings me immense joy to see unique names like my own pop up more frequently. From names like Amethyst to Danger, I am glad society is finally uplifitng indviduality and diveristy for generations to come.

I am still amazed that my work is featured in the New York Times, I blush every time I scroll to the Learning Network’s page and see my name! But I know I have done my hard work as a writer and to see how far I have come is so rewarding. It is even more rewarding to hear from you all, my dedicated blog readers, family and friends, on how you have seen my work grown as well.

Then as usual, as a staff writer for Unpublished Magazine, I pump out articles every month. I recently wrote “Making Your Room Totally You” and “One Direction To My Heart.” Additionaly, as a writer for Antifragile Zine, I wrote an essay called “Deep Condtion” and a piece titled “I Heart The New York City Tourist Shops!”

I started this blog a year and a half ago and have loved every moment of it. Being my own boss on this blog and carving out ideas however I please offers a creative freedom that helps me in all endevors of life. Even as I grow up and mature my craft, I will never forget where I started — with you all on Sanai's Slice of Life.

But enough with the sappy stuff! I hope that did not sound like a goodbye message, because once August winds down, I am going back to my regularly scheduled blog posts every Monday ;) For now, I will get back to reading my Summer reads (there will 100% be a blog post on that), taking photos with my film camera, going to the beach (fingers crossed it doesn't rain), and enjoying the last weeks of summer. Make sure you are too!

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