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Hello world, meet Sanai !

Hi! I am Sanai, a teenager  living in New York city tackling the world one day at a time. I started this blog because I have loved writing ever since I could pick up a pen (in this case type on a computer) and want to share all my thoughts with the world. I love watching movies, going on Tik tok, watching the newest series on Netflix (currently rewatching The Good Place :) ), hanging out with friends and watching baking shows with my family. I’m your typical freshman in high school who is still figuring life and all the weird but exciting things it brings. You can almost always find me listening to every Drake song there is, obsessing over Timothée Chamalet, writing (what I hope will be) the next greatest novel or making tea. You may be wondering why I choose to tile my blog “Sanai’s Slice of Life”. Well it’s because I love pizza (L&B Spumoni Gardens for the win!) and life is one big pizza pie you got to finish strong. I hope you enjoy my blog and my occasional rants, because there will be plenty! 


XO Sanai :)

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