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Matthew Morrison Hatred Explained

2020 has been chaotic, disturbing, vile, and like a big black fly, you can’t get out of your living room. After a while, you try to ignore that it’s there, but it seems to bother you everywhere you go. Can you guess which celebrity these same characteristics also apply to 🤔 ?

Yes. I am talking about Matthew Morrison. Or should I say the Grinch? That’s right. This Wednesday, Mr. Morrison will grace the television screens of millions as he stars in NBC’s stage production of Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch Musical. The two-hour special will broadcast live from the Troubadour Theatre in London on December 9 at 8 p.m. ET. Usually, Morrison just steals the sanity and happiness of everyone he meets. But this year, he’s going to be stealing Christmas presents too ?! As if this year couldn’t get any worse.

If you aren’t apart of Gen Z or haven’t been on Tik Tok within the last month, you might be asking yourself: Who is Matthew Morrison, and why do you dislike this man so much ?! Well, I’m not the only one, sweetheart.

Let’s dig into why the entire internet despises Matthew Morrison. Plus, why we non-famous people love to hate on celebrities. Because I’m sure, there is a celebrity you wouldn’t mind slapping over the head with a newspaper if you ran into them on the street.

Will Schuester Is Super Problematic on Glee

One of Morrison’s most notable acting roles was his character as Will Schuester on Glee. Mr. Schue, the Spanish teacher, turned glee-club director who was set on returning a high-school choir club to its former glory. Glee focused on the team’s ability to work together despite their differences to make competition-winning covers while diving into the personal struggles both students and teachers faced on the show. Many people found themselves rewatching Glee during quarantine this year and noticed how the show was all sorts of problematic. But Mr. Schue’s character remains the most cringe-worthy.

In an article from The Tab titled, “All the Evidence Mr. Schue From Glee Should Have Been Locked Up,” writer Tom Haynes *clears his throat* and announces, “Your honor, I stand to mount a case against a defendant whose crimes have gone unnoticed, uncounted, and unpunished. That man’s name is William Schuester. Yes, even in the world of Glee, the stupidest TV show ever made, Mr. Schue stands out as the character guilty of the most inappropriate behavior.”

He is known to commit the “daylight murder of several of your favorite songs.” For example, he sang and humped his fedora during a highly sexual ‘Toxic’ performance with his students (the performance culminates in a ‘Britney Spears sex riot’ where one of the students begs to have Mr. Schue’s babies). From preventing a transgender student from using their staff toilets just so he could make sure the glee club was able to continue with their right to twerk, to the fact that he seems to have no adult friends — Mr. Schue is a certified CREEP seven days a week. If the show was still around, I know Mr. Schue would beg to choreograph a steamy WAP cover.

Of course, Mathew Morrison and Will Schuester are not the same people. It’s an unfortunate role to get stuck with. Sorry Morrison, but you are now lumped in with actors like Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter and Justin Prentice from 13 Reasons Why. You can’t separate the actor from the character. Even if you could, it’s not like Matthew Morrison is any less cringe in real life than his notorious Glee character ….

Morrison Is Unintentionally (And Embarrassingly) Insensitive

Many fans of the show have agreed that Glee stars might be "cursed." In 2013, Cory Monteith — who played football turned choir star, Finn Hudson, died of a drug overdose. In 2018, Mark Salling, who played Noah "Puck" Puckerman, was found dead from an apparent suicide by hanging. He was weeks away from being sentenced to between four and seven years in jail for possession of child pornography, which he plead guilty to earlier that year.


Several castmates of Glee posted tributes to Salling on social media, but Morrison's was the most tone-deaf. He posted a photo of him, Salling, and Monteith with a caption of a sad face sandwiched in between two angel emojis : "😇😔😇". Fans of the show were enraged at Morrison's emoji choice, somehow equating Salling, someone who distributed child porn, to angel-like Monteith.

"There's literally no comparison between these two. One struggled with substance abuse and was gone way too soon, and the other was a vile person who downloaded and redistributed literal child porn. This photo is so damn tone-deaf that it's sickening," someone commented on Instagram.

Similarly, when Naya Rivera, Santana Lopez on the show, was pronounced missing this summer, Morrison thought it was appropriate to post a photo of her with the lyric "I say a little prayer for you" and nothing else. He likely posted this because Rivera sang a rendition of Aretha Franklin's track on the show, but dude c’mon.

People have not been afraid to blast their dislike for Morrison over social media. There is a new form of rick-rolling, and it's called getting "getting Schuestered." During Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, hundreds of people noted how they screamed in horror when Morrison appeared in a commercial for The Grinch on NBC.

Over 17,000 people have signed petitions calling to “send Matthew Morrison to Guantanamo Bay,” and every day, a new cursed Matthew Morrison flies down in front of us, forever haunting us until the day we die.

“One pandemic at a time, please,” is a recurring comment under any videos to do with Morrison. “This is my 13th reason why,” is another.

Well, why is it so easy to hate on celebrities?

Of course, Matthew Morrison isn't the only person to get made fun of on social media. As a celebrity in this generation, fame often means you will have memes made of you. Who knows, you can even profit off of those memes as Kylie Jenner did with "Rise and Shine"!

America's favorite nightmare !

It was only a couple of months ago that Lin-Manuel Miranda took his hit at being the joke of the day. By July, Broadway sensation "Hamilton" was back on everyone's radar after a stage recording featuring the original cast was available to stream on Disney Plus. The hype that Hamilton received worldwide in 2016 had risen once again, and people uploaded memes, GIFS, and tweets all over social media. But by far, the most popular trend featured the show's creator, Lin Manuel Miranda, in his iconic lip-bitting selfies. Miranda's popular lip-biting images come from a tweet that he posted on Dec. 13, 2018, and another that he tweeted on Nov. 12, 2018.

Before getting Schuestered was even a thing, creators on Tik Tok used Miranda as jokes in their content and simply wanted to trick people into coming across one of Miranda's cursed lip-biting selfies. The trend reached such heights that Miranda knows about it and acknowledged it in a freestyle rap he posted on Twitter. "Bit my lip, ah sh-t, TikTok hates when I do that," he raps. Plus, on his website, you can buy a NibbleLips LinPin for $12!

It's so easy to bash celebrities because they aren't real people. Well, yes, they are — but not to us. They live a life that 90% of us won't ever have, and it seems as if their lives are one big unattainable joke. When they do relatable things (remember when 25 celebs made a montage of singing "Imagine" in early quarantine to "bring us all together"), it's laughable and annoying. So when they do weird and cringy stuff, it's even more amusing to us non-famous people because here is someone making millions of dollars a year, and they still manage to make a fool of themselves!

As humans, we love to gossip about other people. The academic journal Psychological Science published an article that explored the nature of gossip and ostracism and discovered that those behaviors are valuable for the well being of both small groups and society as a whole. Through gossiping, we distinguish the acceptable actions and the ones that are not. As writer Winnie Salmon states, "Hating on celebrities is the purest form of guilt-free gossip there is." Most likely, we will never meet the celebrities we make fun of. It's clear that when we are online, we are bolder than ever before. When you clown a star, it's easy not to think of yourself as a bully. If they can't handle a few mean memes, they can cry about it in your mansion for all we care.

In 2013, Star released the results of its "Most Hated Celebrities" poll, which featured Gwenyth Paltrow as the most despised person in Hollywood, followed by other stars like Taylor Swift, Chris Brown Kim Kardashian. Maureen O'Connor broke down in The Cut the three categories loathed celebrities fall into : Tries Too Hard, Doesn't Try Hard Enough, and Crimes Against Other Celebrities. It is a fascinating piece. It is unclear as to wether Star still does this poll, but if so, I figure Morrison and Manuel would land on the list. They would surely fall into the "Tries Too Hard" category because their mannerisms are just a little funky. Both were theater kids growing up, which might explain why they act the way they do twenty years later!

This popular online activity of going after celebrities might be our jealousy spilling over? Maybe we are projecting our anxiety onto them? Are we all just bullies? I don’t think there is one answer to that question. It doesn’t hurt to poke fun at people every once and a while as long as it doesn’t go too far, because celebrities do have feelings (I think)!

I know I will be watching Matthew Morrison as the Grinch on television this week. As much as this man scares me, he also intrigues the heck out of me. It’s like a car crash — I can’t look away. So at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, raise your cup of hot cocoa in the air because I’m sure Morrison will put on quite the show.


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