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Chasing snow


Chasing snow

~ A poem by Sanai Rashid

Snow falls onto cracked pavements,

broken homes and shattered dreams.

The white angels' cover-up

a pain so evident

burying each feeling of distress further

down and down and down.

Until all you can see are ghostly white blankets.

Your body trembles,

and for once, it isn't consumed with fear.

It is bubbling with freedom.

You pour water on the glue

that has stuck you onto your bed

for the last six months

(but in all honestly, you didn't want to get up)

and you wash your face for the first time

brush off the plaque that stains your teeth

lotion the skin that resembles the Sahara desert

put on red long johns, mittens, gloves, coats

and snap on your snow boots.

You hammer down the stairs

and you're not thinking about

the asynchronous classwork you have to do

Right now, everything on your to-do list

can stick a carrot up their rear.

For snow is here.

Now you are out the door,

and your feet are making footprints

in the snow!

You are here,

right now,

making your mark on the world.

Your body is like a toaster oven,

warm and fuzzy from layers of clothes

and you smile before you take the final plunge

and fall onto the snow.

Time flies by.

The light lemonade sun

that shone when you first went outside,

has now been replaced with

a hard boiled egg moon,

and a dark chocolate sky.

Hours of rolling around,

sticking out your tongue for fresh snowflakes,

snowman building and ice spinning

are now over.

As you peel off your clothes,

run your frozen hands under hot water

and sip hot cocoa on the couch,

you wonder

Which is better?

The chase for happiness

or happiness itself?

The chase is filled with hope, longing,

a craving for something more

then what you currently have.

But when you achieve that happiness

it eventually goes stale.

The expiration date grows nearer.

Maybe happiness never goes "stale."

It just melts into something different,

Like a cup of Dip N Dots.

Like butter on a pan.

Or snow.

The thrill of snow is that it is temporary.

You have to appreciate it while you can.

And when you are chasing something

that never stays for too long,

you better run while you can.


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